Izu Animal Kingdom



White Tiger Feeding
Up close and extra powerful! At Izu Animal Kingdom you can feed a white tiger! You’ll be able to see it in the white tiger’s eyes as its primal instincts ignite upon seeing its food. Feeling this animal’s presence up close provides a thrill unlike anything else.


Giraffe Feeding
Imagine a giraffe bending its long neck to get its big face closer to you! You’ll get the chance if you opt to feed a giraffe.Since there is no set time, guests are welcome to visit the giraffes for feeding on their own schedule.

With its thick, armor-like body and intimidating horns, you might find yourself shaking in your boots!
Will you be able to face your fear and pet the rhino?

Rhino Petting

The Encounter Park is full of cute and rare animals.
You can play with the animals to your heart’s content, petting and feeding them.Kids are sure to be delighted, while adults also find the adorable animals will help carry their cares away.

Get up close at the Encounter Park
Get up close at the Encounter Park
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